Know What Health Insurance Is and How to Choose it

What is health insurance ?? How to choose it ?? There are still some of us who don’t know what real health insurance is! Health is the most valuable asset, awareness like this is now owned by most of the citizens of the city in Indonesia. No wonder if now everyone is competing to maintain […]

Have You Had Fire Insurance?

Can you predict things that might happen in the future? When you are asked about this, generally you will shake your head, you will not be able to see the future clearly. In short, your future cannot be known and is still covered in veil. If what happens is good things, then it won’t be […]

Vehicle Insurance to Get Car Theft Insurance

“Car theft at this time is indeed very widespread . ” We are always asked to be vigilant because this vehicle theft can occur anywhere and anytime. Even today thieves or robbers are very brave to take action in the afternoon when the road is crowded. A car or vehicle is really needed by many […]

Benefits of Travel Insurance When Traveling

Traveling is something that is loved by many in the world. Of course, when we do it either alone or with someone, we hope that the journey we take will be smooth and pleasant. All preparations before leaving will be done for the sake of smoothness and pleasure that we imagine. But of course not […]

Examples of Insurance Losses – Accidental Family Insurance

There are many examples of insurance that we can get from insurance companies. Today many insurance companies offer their products to protect or provide a variety of financial assistance for us. Some insurance companies offer loss insurance. There are many things that are covered and branches of insurance are also very large. For those of […]