Hair is the crown of women who must be looked after by their health, not only looks beautiful. The criteria for healthy hair for each person is of course different, but generally healthy hair is hair that has natural luster, looks soft, does not fall out easily, does not branch out, does not dandruff, and is free of various other hair problems.
Everyone always tries to regulate the beauty of the hair so that the appearance is more attractive but there are some effects that actually cause problems with the hair. Therefore an innovation for hair is formed in the form of hair vitamin products.

Hair vitamins have various functions depending on your needs. There are hair vitamins that are able to overcome dandruff and there are hair vitamins that function to overcome hair loss. Here are some of the benefits of hair vitamins that you should know like:

Overcoming Hair Loss
One of the benefits of vitamin hair loss is to treat or treat back hair that has fallen out. Hair loss or alopecia is a decrease in the amount of hair on the scalp. Most people have experienced hair loss. It is normal to lose 100 strands of hair per day, but if your hair loss occurs continuously it means your hair includes damaged hair.

There are several factors that cause hair loss such as exposure to excessive sunlight, excessive chemicals or allergies to certain shampoos. However, women can also experience hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations, such as post-pregnancy, menopause, starting or stopping some forms of contraception, and basic hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Keep in mind that hair loss indicates a healthy condition of the scalp such as an overly oily scalp. For that, it is better for women to nourish the scalp so that the hair does not fall out quickly. There are several products that are good for nourishing hair such as hair masks and serums.

One good way to treat and nourish your hair is Aminexil Scalpsync Matrix which is an Anti Loss Tonic that works to stimulate the scalp layer and make the hair age longer. Scalpsync Aminexil can reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth in just 6 weeks

Overcoming Dandruff
One of the benefits of hair vitamins is to overcome dandruff. Dandruff or dandruff is a white or grayish scalp that peels and sticks to your hair or is seen on your shoulder. Although dandruff is not contagious or rarely becomes a serious disease, this condition can look embarrassing and sometimes difficult to deal with. Dandruff is not a problem with the hair or how often you wash it. Dandruff is a problem on the scalp.

Symptoms of dandruff are very easily recognized. Flakes of dead skin are white or grayish and sometimes oily can be clearly seen when sticking to the hair or when falling on the shoulder of the sufferer. In addition, dandruff is usually followed by itching that appears on the scalp.

There are several causes of your hair dandruff, such as excessive use of hair care products, stress, and too often or rarely washing your hair can risk exacerbating dandruff that appears on your hair. Then the right handler will prevent your hair from getting dandruff or if your hair has been exposed to dandruff you can use anti-dandruff / dandruff shampoo and buy hair vitamins for dandruff hair.

One of the best hair loss and dandruff vitamin products for your hair is Scalppure Gel Tonic, formulated with Zinc PCA + Zinc Octopirox + Bergamot, a hair vitamin with several uses for all types of scalp and hair. Helps reduce problems on the scalp such as dandruff, excess oil, odor, itching, scuff and discomfort.

Overcoming Limp and Smelly Hair
One of the benefits of the next hair vitamin is to deal with limp and smelly hair. Having healthy and beautiful shiny hair is definitely the dream of everyone, especially women. However, not all women have healthy hair and are not limp. Some women have limp hair and some of them have a smell.

Normally the scalp contains natural oil (sebum) which is produced by oil glands (sebaceous glands). But sometimes these glands work too hard to produce more oil and cause the scalp to become oily, the hair also looks dull, limp, weak, lifeless, and difficult to arrange.

There are several factors why a woman’s hair can become limp and smell like hormones, genetic factors, and medical conditions. Besides the wrong hair care can also be the cause of your hair becoming limp and smelly. Then, there are several ways to deal with limp and smelly hair like

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